Q:   How long the distance do I need to run?

A:   The entire duration is based on the ten chosen songs after the voting contest has ended. It is estimated to last from 30 mins to 40 mins.  If the 10-song duration is too short for some, you can always re-wind the song list to continue. However, you can still opt to run without downloading the song list on your mobile but set up your GPS device and run at least 5KM distance.  When done, just submit the result to the link.  


Q:   Where do I run?

A:   This being a virtual event, you can choose to run anywhere you like as long as it is safe for you do so and do run at your own pace. 

Q: How do I show evidence that I have completed my run?

A: If you are using the song list on your mobile for your run, just submit a sweaty picture after your exercise to the link as proof that you have done your ‘due diligence’ to earn your race entitlement.  Alternatively, submit your run result taken from your GPS device.  A minimum 5KM distance is good.

Q: How do I download the playlist for the run?

A: The simplest way is to sign up for the free or premium Spotify services and install the shared URL by us.


Q: What if I don't wish to use the Spotify application?

A: You can also pay or download the top 10 songs from your chosen music streaming provider and create the playlist on your mobile device prior to commencement of your run.   

Q: Do I need to vote in the voting contest to get a chance to win the prizes?

A: By registering for the MUSportIC event, you will automatically earn a chance to win one of the prizes. By taking part in the song voting contest, you will double up your chance to win.

Q: Do I need to pay additional fee for the registered postage services?

A: The complimentary postage is sent out via normal postage which does not come with tracking.  The onus is on the participant providing the correct address, thus the event organiser cannot be held liable for non-delivery of items due to any unforeseen circumstances. However, by choosing the registered postage services, you can track your shipment which allows you to file a claim in event the postage is lost in transit.


Q:   How do I receive my race entitlements?

A:    On completion of your exercise (by 6 December 2020 11.59pm), your race entitlements will be mailed out to you latest by 31 December 2020, to the address provided by you at the time of sign up by normal postage.  Kindly ensure you have provided the correct mailing address to us before you check-out, including the postal code.